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About Dr. Neal

Internal/Geriatric Medicine & Primary Care Physician in Houston, TX

Dr. Neal

Nicolin Neal, MD, is a board-certified internal medicine practitioner and an integral part of the team at Rios Healthcare Associates. By providing highly personalized primary care services to residents of Houston, Texas, and the surrounding region, Dr. Neal enhances the health and wellness of those in her care.

Education has always shaped Dr. Neal’s life. She earned her medical degree from Saint Louis University School of Medicine in Missouri. Dr. Neal went on to refine her knowledge and skills through training in internal medicine at the University of Texas at Houston and a fellowship in geriatric medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Waco, Texas.

In her professional life, Dr. Neal has focused extensively on geriatric care. She’s presented research at the American Delirium Society National Conferences and has authored a chapter in Ethical Considerations and Challenges in Geriatrics, a textbook used to train medical professionals. She has also worked to educate medical colleagues in geriatric care.

Patients love working with Dr. Neal because of her warm and welcoming nature. She takes the time to get to know those in her care, listening to their concerns and exploring the ways their social, emotional, and mental health interact with their overall health and wellness. 

Through her work at Rios Healthcare Associates, Dr. Neal has the opportunity to create lasting change for her patients. She finds her work deeply rewarding and loves meeting new patients and welcoming them into the practice family.