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Men's Health Care

The field of men’s health emphasizes both preventive care and the treatment of chronic or acute conditions. Preventive care can include regular medical checkups and taking proactive measures to prevent certain health concerns, such as heart attack or stroke. Here at Rios Healthcare Associates in Houston, men’s health care is provided by our experienced physicians, Dr. Tomas Rios and Dr. Nicolin Neal, who both specialize in internal medicine.

Preventive Care

Preventive medical care should be a vital component of your health care regimen. Preventive care involves seeing a doctor regularly to assess your overall health. Doing so makes it possible to detect potential health concerns early on before they progress and become more serious. Most health conditions are easier to treat when diagnosed early. The doctors at our office in Houston can determine how frequently you need to come in for a checkup.

Regular medical checkups also allow your doctor to monitor your overall health and identify unexpected changes or symptoms that might have developed since your last appointment. Some conditions, such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure, might have no obvious symptoms. Accordingly, the only way some men become aware of the problem is because it was identified during a physical exam and checkup as part of their preventive medical care.

In addition to seeing the doctor regularly for a routine physical exam and overall health assessment, preventive care can also include various health screenings. For instance, men’s health care screenings often include tests to check for prostate, colon, or testicular cancer as those are conditions that frequently affect males.

Heart screenings are also important for assessing a man’s risk for developing cardiovascular problems that could lead to heart attack or stroke, for instance. Men who are identified as having a moderate to high risk for developing cardiovascular issues can work with one of our doctors to implement specific lifestyle changes that can reduce their risk. Lifestyle changes might include incorporating more exercise into the daily or weekly routine, dietary changes, and stress reduction.

Time for a Checkup? Call Us

Preventive medical care that includes regular checkups and health screenings can play a vital role in helping you maintain your best health. For men’s health care services, schedule an appointment with Dr. Rios or Dr. Neal by calling Rios Healthcare Associates at (832) 323-9230.