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Preventive Care

Preventative care is the first step against serious dental issues like gum disease and deep cavities that may result in tooth loss. Dr. Tomas Rios and Nicolin Neal of Houston, TX, provide preventative measures at their office.

Here are a few procedures and tips:

  • Probably the most straight forward and simple tip is brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Brushing your teeth reduces cavities and plaque buildup from teeth surfaces. The best way to brush teeth is to use a soft-bristled tooth brush and fluoride-containing toothpaste. Brush in a circular motion, especially at the edge of gums, and hold your brush at a 40-degree angle to clean hard-to-reach areas.
  • Another vital tip that many ignore is flossing teeth. Flossing eliminates food debris that can get stuck between teeth and under gums. This preventative measure, like brushing, prevents acid-producing bacteria from causing cavities that may infect deeper tooth layers and leave patients needing root canal therapy.
  • Your Houston dentist has hygienists who perform professional dental cleanings twice a year. This is when a dental hygienist removes plaque from tooth surfaces, between teeth and from under gum tissue using special instruments. Professional cleanings are meant to prevent serious diseases like gum disease or periodontitis.
  • It's also advised to visit your dentist for regular dental exams. This is when the doctor examines your teeth visually and with the use of x-rays. Dental exams enable your dentist to diagnose diseases during earlier stages when they're easier to treat.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. Avoid sugary foods and beverages that are used by bacteria to grow. If you stick to fruits and vegetables instead, this will help remove plaque off the surface your teeth. And don't forget to drink plenty of water that'll help wash away food debris to prevent cavities.

Would you like to know more about preventative dental care? The best way to learn more is to contact Dr. Tomas Rios and Dr. Nicolin Neal of Houston, TX, to learn more. Just give him a call at (832) 323-9230 today!