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Women's Healthcare Services

Women's health is the field of medicine that is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions that affect women's physical and emotional health. Visit us to learn more about women’s health care services offered by your Houston, TX, physicians, Dr. Tomas Rios and Dr. Nicolin Neal of Rios Healthcare Associates.

The following are some of the women’s healthcare services that we provide in our practice:

Preventive care and screening:

The preventive care services that we are offering in our practice include regular gynecological examinations, regular immunizations, and screening for sexually transmitted infections and HPV. Breast cancer screening services are an important example of the screening services we offer. Breast cancer screening will result in the early detection of breast cancer, which will make its treatment more effective and the survival rates much higher.

Nutrition counseling services:

When you visit our practice, our professionals will assess your overall health and record information about your eating habits. This information will help us detect the eating habits that may negatively affect your wellbeing. We will teach you how to substitute them with other healthy habits based on scientific evidence.

Infertility treatments:

Your physicians will evaluate your case and search for the exact cause of your difficulties conceiving by performing blood tests and imaging.

Menopause services:

If you are a woman of menopausal age, the women’s healthcare services in Houston, TX, can help. By performing routine tests and evaluating your physical and emotional health, our physicians will be able to detect what you need during this period. We will also provide the needed hormones that help your body during menopausal age and cause uncomfortable symptoms.

Treatments for other health conditions:

Your physicians are qualified to treat your health condition professionally and effectively. Urinary incontinence, uterine fibroids, osteoporosis, and different psychological disorders can all be treated in our office.

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