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Annual Checkups and Your Health

Prevention is really worth a pound of cure, as the old saying goes, and this applies to your annual doctor checkups. Health professionals and organizations cannot stress enough the importance of these regular visits to help you identify your specific health risk factors and any issues before they become harder to manage.

Detected early on, most diseases can be treated more effectively. Ultimately, regular checkups with your doctor, Dr. Tomas Rios or Dr. Nicolin Neale, here at Rios Healthcare Associates in Houston, TX, will help in ensuring a healthier and longer life.

Annual Prevention Checkup Basics

Depending on your sex, age, and health history, your prevention checkup might include the following:

  • Urine, blood, hearing, and vision screenings to assess your overall health
  • Evaluations of your weight, cholesterol level, and blood pressure
  • Vaccines and booster shots
  • Your physical activity and eating habits as well as any alcohol, drug, or tobacco use
  • Tests to evaluate your risk for certain conditions like diabetes or cancer
  • Screening for colon cancer, beginning at 50 years old or younger for people who have a history of cancer in the family
  • Your stress level and general mental health

Specific Women’s Health Issues

  • A breast examination to check for abnormal bumps or lumps
  • A mammogram, beginning at 40 years old or younger if you have a history of breast cancer in the family
  • Bone density testing, beginning at 65 years old to check for osteoporosis

Specific Men’s Health Concerns

  • Beginning at 50 years old or younger for people who have a prostate cancer history in the family, a rectal examination for checking prostate health and a PSA or prostate specific antigen blood test
  • An abdominal examination for cigarette smokers or ex-smokers, between 65 and 75 years old, to check the state of your aorta

Prepping for Your Annual Checkup

Prior to your checkup, make sure to review your health history and update it as necessary. Make sure you can answer questions about your immunization record and general health screenings you’ve undergone. List down any questions you may have for your doctor in Houston, TX, especially if you have specific health concerns.

Likewise, take notes on your smartphone or a notebook during your discussions, so you don’t forget anything. Coming in fully prepared will help ensure that you make the most out of your annual checkup.

Talk to Us to Learn More About Annual Checkups and Preventive Care

Book a visit with your doctor here at Rios Healthcare Associates in Houston, TX, Dr. Tomas Rios or Dr. Nicolin Neale, by dialing (832) 323-9230.